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          Norman Lee

          Dear Distinguished Guests, Rotarians, Rotaractors, Family members and friends,
          Words cannot describe my excitement for our 63rd District Conference. The pandemic forced us to have scaled
          down District Conferences in the past three years, surely it has been too long a time.

          My sincerest thanks to Chair Frank Chan and his team for the effort they have put in all these months. Tying
          in with our theme of “Imagine Rotary”, imagine a better world, we have Guest of Honour from the Hong Kong
          Tourism Board. I envision the opportunities for Rotary to collaborate with them to make our cities shine even

          Another exciting encouragement is the record high participation from Macau and Mongolia. I see the strongest
          bonding among District 3450 ever. Let’s make this a start, and I hope our connection will become even more solid
          in the future.

          This year's conference will feature an innovative technology: an artificial intelligence (AI) image generator
          designed to inspire and facilitate imaginative exploration. Simply input your thoughts into words, and the
          generator will create stunning illustrations that you can share with fellow Rotarians in the form of captivating
          artworks, allowing you to express and share your dreams in a unique and creative way.

          On the fun side, you will be engaged by a blockchain impact participation badge throughout the event. Not only
          will you be awarded and recognized for your contribution through a state-of-the-art NFT Certificate, but you will
          also learn more about Rotary in different aspects. So be prepared for a jolly, merry gala dinner; we have not had
          a Governor’s Banquet without restriction for three years. Let’s enjoy it to the utmost.

          I also hope our Spouse Program will keep our guests entertained. The activities are suitable for both men and
          women, with a touch of self-enrichment and service that greatly portrays what Rotary is. I am so pleased to see
          some of our second generation joining. Perhaps “Family Program” is a more appropriate name going forward.

          My heartfelt thanks to you for joining the 63rd District Conference. I can
          foresee that the 63  District Conference is already a big success despite
          all the challenges that we have faced.

           Yours in Rotary,

           Norman Lee
           District Governor 2022-23
           Rotary International District 3450

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